UCAT Test Dates 2020

The UCAT Consortium has released the official test dates for candidates taking the UCAT in 2020. The UCAT testing period lasts for 3 months and typically takes place between July and October.

Do take note that your 2020 UCAT results are only valid for the 2021 UCAS Admissions cycle – for entry into medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry courses in 2021 or deferred entry in 2022.

UCAT Timeline for Applicants in 2020

It is important to keep tabs on all things UCAT for proper planning and to fully maximise your preparation time. For a start, booking a test would require you to first create an account with Pearson VUE and this has to be done by you – not by your school.

1 July 2020Registration opens
Booking opens
Bursary Scheme opens
Access Arrangements / UCATSEN applications open
1 August 2020Testing begins
To be advisedRegistration closes
Web booking closes
Access Arrangements / UCATSEN application deadline
30 September 2020Final booking deadline (for registered candidates)
1 October 2020Last testing date
Bursary application deadline
15 October 2020UCAS application deadline
Early November 2020Results delivered to universities

*These dates may be subject to change.

Applications for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry, must be submitted by the UCAS deadline to guarantee equal consideration. Remember to state your choices through UCAS before the deadline – your UCAS application is considered invalid if you fail to state your choices.

You can only apply to 5 universities as part of your UCAS application, out of which only a maximum of 4 can be Medicine applications. The 5th choice has to be Non-Medicine, so do make sure you choose your university choices wisely based on your UCAT score! You will receive your UCAT score report immediately after you completed the test.

Once the UCAS application deadline has passed, the UCAT Consortium will liaise with UCAS and send your test results directly to your chosen universities.

Updated Statement - 1 June 2020

In 2020, candidates will have the choice to sit the UCAT either at home using Pearson VUE’s online proctoring service or at a Pearson VUE Test Centre.

It is likely that test centre availability will continue to be limited internationally; some test centres remain closed and where they can be opened, social distancing requirements are being put in place. The dual delivery approach ensures that all candidates will have the opportunity to take the UCAT.

Whilst the delivery model has changed, UCAT test content remains the same. There will be no difference in content between a test sat at home (online) and one taken in a test centre. Online proctored tests are increasing in use globally as advances are made in the way in which online exams can be monitored and delivered securely. The UCAT Consortium is committed to protecting the integrity of the test, regardless of how it is delivered. UCAT Online uses artificial intelligence combined with live monitoring, to safeguard the security of the test.