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In case you have missed it, the official UCAT statistics for 2019 has been released, showing us some interesting statistics for this year’s performance. Our admissions consultants have reviewed the report and provided some tips, which might be helpful for students applying to medical schools next year (2020).

1. The test might be getting more challenging.

The mean scaled score for this year (2019) was 2483, which is a drop from last year (2485). This could signal that the test is getting more challenging or the applicants are not performing as well.
Even though the scores change every year, the basic rule remains the same – your odds of getting accepted to med schools will be better if you submit a higher UCAT score than other test takers. New UCAT test takers need to be mindful of the potentially more challenging test in 2020.

2. I’m an international applicant, what are my chances? 

For international applicants, the mean score is not the most helpful indicator. Rather, you’d want to look at the specific percentiles.
As there are very few spots available for international students, you’ll want to be in the 80th percentile and above.
For this year, the 80th percentile was 2690, and the 90th percentile was 2800. For applicants from Asian countries which have a lot of high scorers (China, India, Singapore), you would want a score above 2800.

3. Should I still apply if my score is below the 80th percentile? 

Not necessarily.
Some med schools weigh the UCAT score heavily, while others rely more on your performance in school (A Levels, IB scores, GCSEs, etc.)
As you can apply to a maximum of 4 UK medicine programs, school selection strategy is all the more crucial if your UCAT score is not in the higher percentiles.

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