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UCAT Online Essential Course

Singapore's #1 UCAT Test Preparation Course

Since 2006, Prep Zone AcademyTM has helped hundreds of medical aspirants excel in the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) and get into their desired UK medical programs with our tried-and-true UCAT prep methodology – a combination of personalised study plans, unique course structure, and flexible 1-to-1 class schedules.

If you are residing outside of Singapore, our UCAT Online Essential Course is the course for you!

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UCAT Online Essential Course Overview

A comprehensive course covering all you need to know for the UCAT. With more than 30 hours of concept classes and tutorials, 10 hours of personalised 1-to-1 sessions, and online practice tests, you are guaranteed to maximise your preparation time with us!

Our UCAT Online Essential Course features

  • 5 hours of Interactive 1-to-1 Classes Online – Customised to your need
  • 34 hours of Interactive Group Classes Online – Cover the entire UCAT syllabus
  • Prep Zone Academy’s UCAT Roadmap – Slides covered in class
  • Full-length Practice Tests – To gauge your performance level
  • 1-hr Complimentary Medical School Admissions Consultation

5 hours of Interactive 1-to-1 Classes Online

These 1-to-1 classes are fully personalised and flexible – you have complete autonomy over how your sessions are structured. It gives you an opportunity to clarify your doubts and strengthen your understanding on concepts. You get to interact with our trainers and have your questions answered. The classes can be scheduled based on your availability; online classes available upon request.

In case you have missed this earlier, you are entitled to a complimentary 1-hour trial class before you decide to sign up for our UCAT Online Course – no hidden costs, no commitment required!

  • Get undivided attention from UCAT experts
  • Decide on what you’d like to cover in each session
  • Determine the duration & frequency of your sessions

8 Group Concept Classes  – 3 hours each

The 8 concept classes will each focus on dealing with a specific UCAT topic, covering the entire UCAT syllabus. Trainers will go through difficult questions that you will encounter for that topic, as well as test-taking strategies to help students answer better & more effectively.

  • 2 Quantitative Reasoning Concept Classes
  • 2 Verbal Reasoning Concept Classes
  • 2 Abstract Reasoning Concept Classes
  • 1 Decision Making Concept Class
  • 1 Situational Judgement Concept Class

5 Group Tutorials – 2 hours each

During the 5 Tutorial Sessions, students will be attempting advanced-level questions under timed conditions & learn how to best tackle the questions effectively. Students can also clarify their doubts during these tutorial sessions.

  • Quantitative Reasoning Tutorial
  • Verbal Reasoning Tutorial
  • Abstract Reasoning Tutorial
  • Decision Making Tutorial
  • Situational Judgement Tutorial

Complimentary UCAT Preparation & Medical School Admissions Consultation

UCAT is a medical school entrance exam for many med schools in the UK. We receive a variety of questions from candidates & here’s some of them:

  • The difference between UCAT and BMAT
  • At what age do most people take the UCAT
  • What sections are in the UCAT
  • How do average students fare on the UCAT
  • Average UCAT scores to get into top UK Med Schools

During this 1-hr consultation, feel free to ask any questions you might have about the UCAT & your desired medical program, we are here to help!

Free Trial Class (1-hour) Registration

Trial slots are subjected to availability, and can’t be changed after scheduled. Our course consultants will get in touch within 24 hours to confirm your trial slot.

For any inquiries, call our hotline at +65 6812 9999, or email us at

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Need Help With Medical School Admissions?

Get In Touch With Our Med Consultants Today!

In addition to offering UCAT preparation courses, Prep Zone Academy also assists students with medical school admissions. In the past few years, we have sent hundreds of students to medical schools around the world through our experienced medical school consultants. We assist with:

  • School Shortlisting
  • Application Management
  • Internship Placement
  • Profile Improvement
  • Personal Statement Improvement
  • Essay Correction
  • Interview Preparation
  • MMI Preparation

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