UCAT Crash Course

Strengthen your UCAT foundation in 2-5 days!
UCAT Crash Course | Prep Zone Academy
With the last window to take the UCAT coming to a close (September 29th), Prep Zone Academy is holding a UCAT Crash Course to help you cover the entire UCAT syllabus over 2-5 days. The UCAT Crash Course consists of 5 Concept Classes, each focusing on dealing with a specific UCAT topic and the difficult questions that you will encounter for that topic.

Course Duration

  • July Weekend Crash Course (2-day): 24 July – 25 July
  • August Weekend Crash Course (2-day): 7 August – 8 August
  • September Weekday Crash Course (5-day): 6 September – 10 September
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Crash Course Overview

Our UCAT Crash Course, features 5 Concept Classes (14 hours in total) & 5 Tutorials (2 hours each) where students cover the entire UCAT syllabus within 2-5 days. Once signed up, students are also given access to full-length practice tests online.

  • 24 hours of In-Person (or Online) Classes & Tutorials – These classes will cover the entire UCAT syllabus & cover difficult questions
  • Prep Zone Academy’s UCAT Roadmap – Collection of slides used in the group classes
  • Medic Portal Question Bank Access – Practice questions for you to attempt with detailed answer explanations
  • Full-length Online Practice Tests – Familiarise yourself with the UCAT question formats
  • Complimentary UCAT & Medical School Admissions Consultation – Gain exclusive advices from our course & admissions consultants

Group Schedule

5 Concept Classes

  • Cover concepts and test-taking strategies.
  • Build a strong foundation for the UCAT.
  • 1 Quantitative Reasoning Concept Classes (3.5h)
  • 1 Verbal Reasoning Concept Classes (3.5h)
  • 1 Abstract Reasoning Concept Classes (2.5h)
  • 1 Decision Making Concept Class (2.5h)
  • 1 Situational Judgement Concept Class (2h)

5 Tutorials

  • Cover difficult UCAT topics.
  • Practice & review difficult questions.
  • Doubts clarification with trainers.
  • Best practices & tips to improve your score.
  • 2 hours each
    • Quantitative Reasoning
    • Verbal Reasoning
    • Abstract Reasoning
    • Decision Making
    • Situational Judgement

Course Curriculum

Verbal Reasoning

  • Question format: Evaluate a statement (true/false/can’t tell), Choose the best answer (A/B/C/D multiple choice)
  • Test Strategies: Timing/General approach, Speed reading, Understanding key words, Common tricks
  • Question types: Specific detail vs. Inference questions

Quantitative Reasoning

  • Problem solving: Numerical skills
  • Medical & research applications: Quantitative skills (calculating dosages of drugs, creating & interpreting statistical data for research, etc.)
  • Data interpretation: Interpreting test results in tabular/graphical form
  • Common topics: Number properties, Percentages, Ratios, Rates, Statistics, Geometry, Income tax, Time zone, Currency conversions

Abstract Reasoning

  • Question Format: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4
  • Patterns: Recognising relevant patterns in data (Number of shapes/sides/angles/points/intersections, Colors/shades, Type & size, Geometric rules, Relationships of dependence between objects, etc.)
  • Strategies

Situational Judgement

  • Scenario training
  • Ethics: To differentiate right from wrong as a doctor
  • Question types: Type 1 (Appropriate/Inappropriate), Type 2 (Important/Not important)
  • Good medical practice: Roles & responsibilities

Decision Making

  • Question types: Logic puzzle, Syllogism, Evaluating arguments, Sets & Venn diagrams, Probability, Data Interpretation

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