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Designed to help students master the UCAT syllabus during summer break, Prep Zone Academy’s UCAT Summer Course features 20+ hours of in-person classes with our veteran UCAT trainers. The course also includes multiple full-length practice tests and additional questions to help students score well for the UCAT.

Want to achieve a high UCAT score to get into your desired medical programs? Sign-up for this course today and ace the UCAT with us!


Available Groups

  • Group A: June 3
  • Group B: June 18
  • Group C: July 1
  • Group D: July 15
  • Group E: July 29 

Can’t make it for any of these dates? Chat to us now to customise your UCAT preparation schedule!

Course Structure

Each Summer Course includes:

8 Concept Classes (3-hours each)

These sessions cover the entire UCAT syllabus and provide relevant test-taking strategies. You will gain a solid understanding of the UCAT and how to approach the test.

  • Quantitative Reasoning  (2 sessions)
  • Verbal Reasoning  (2 sessions)
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Decision Making
  • Abstract Reasoning & Decision Making
  • Situational Judgement

5 Tutorial Sessions (1-hour 30-minutes each)

These sessions focus on the UCAT’s advanced topics and questions. You will learn how to tackle difficult questions, clarify doubts, and gain additional experience to achieve a higher score.

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Decision Making
  • Situational Judgement

Additional Materials Included

Prep Zone's UCAT Roadmap

Tutorial book containing the course’s content.

Medify Account Access

Additional practice questions from Medify.

UCAT Practice Tests

Full-length practice tests access.

Med School Consultation

Complementary med school consultation (worth $350)

Concept Class Schedule

Concept Classes are divided into different groups to provide more options to our students. Tutorial Sessions are shared amongst all group attendees.

Group A

Start Date: June 3
Download Schedule

Group B

Start Date: June 18
Download Schedule

Group C

Start Date: July 1
Download Schedule

Group D

Start Date: July 15
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Group E

Start Date: July 29
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Tutorial Sessions Schedule

Track Record


2023 Results


2023 Results


2023 Results


2023 Results


2023 Results


2023 Results






















“The course was effective. The time was managed well, and the resources available for practice were very helpful. The trainers were very good and were very much helpful. Thanks so much for the information and help!”


“I felt the instructors were able to provide me with personalised feedback and tips tailored to help me succeed.”


“The UCAT course is fantastic and provides many useful strategies to tackle the questions.”


“I managed to get an offer from NUS and NTU and the deadline to make the decision was 24th May so I’ve made the decision to go to NUS.

I really think Prep Zone helped me a lot. It was the reason I got a good UCAT score and a pretty decent BMAT score. The interview preparation was the most helpful of all and when I went for my local med school interviews, it was a lot more doable for me because I had so much practice. All the teachers were super nice, supportive and accommodative and I really appreciate all the help. I think the MMI stimulation really helped me as well and it allowed me to be less nervous before the real interview.

Thank you so much.”


“I signed up for a mix of group and individual classes at Prep Zone for the UCAT Course. The group classes provided a stimulating learning environment that was equal parts engaging and rigorous while the rigorous individual sessions with my trainer were useful in brushing up my answering technique and ensuring that I was able to answer quickly and accurately. The Prep Zone trainers were also willing to help and I appreciated that I could approach any of the UCAT Trainers for answers when I had questions. The books available for loan were also a useful and convenient resource that I used frequently to practise. All of these played a big role in helping me improve my score and I am grateful for all the help Prep Zone has given me.”


Summer Course Registration

Fill in the following form to register your interest in our summer course. Our consultant will get in touch within 24 hours to provide further information and confirmation.

For any urgent inquiries, call us at +65 6812 9999 or WhatsApp +65 8305 1871.


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