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A good UCAT score is an essential factor for students aspiring to pursue medicine or dentistry in the United Kingdom. The UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) is a standardized admissions test used by universities to assess the aptitude and skills of prospective students. It consists of five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Situational Judgment.

The question of what constitutes a good UCAT score does not have a straightforward answer, as it depends on various factors, including competition for places and the specific requirements of each university.

Generally, a good score is considered above the average score achieved by applicants. As of the latest UCAT test statistics, the average score across all sections in 2022 was around 625 (5th decile). However, it is important to note that different universities may have different thresholds for what they consider a good score.

2022 UCAT Total Scores: 5th - 9th decile

There were 36,374 UCAT candidates in 2022. Each decile represents 10% of candidates. The 5th decile represents a score at the 50th percentile; the 6th decile represents a score at the 60th percentile, and so on. 

  • 5th decile: 2500, Average – 625
  • 6th decile: 2570, Average – 642.5
  • 7th decile: 2660, Average – 665
  • 8th decile: 2750, Average – 687.5
  • 9th decile: 2880, Average – 720

2022 UCAT Average Section Scores

Verbal Reasoning Average Score – 567
  • This section assesses the ability to critically evaluate written information and make accurate deductions.
Decision Making Average Score – 616
  • This section evaluates the ability to analyze complex situations and make reasoned judgments.
Quantitative Reasoning Average Score – 658
  • This section tests mathematical skills, including data interpretation and problem-solving.
Abstract Reasoning Average Score – 659
  • This section assesses the ability to identify patterns and relationships between shapes and symbols.
Situational Judgment Band 1 – 20% | Band 2 – 36% | Band 3 – 31% | Band 4 – 14%
  • Scores for the Situational Judgement Test are expressed in one of four bands, with band 1 being the highest.
  • This section evaluates the ability to understand and respond appropriately to real-life scenarios.

What is a good UCAT score?

These statistics provide an overview of the average scores achieved by UCAT test-takers. Anything above 680 for each section is often regarded as a high UCAT score. You may submit a competitive application to almost any medical school with a score of more than 680 in every section putting you at the 8th decile and above. To simply put it, a score above 2750 to 2850 would typically place an applicant in the top 20% of candidates.

However, it is important to remember that achieving a good UCAT score is just one aspect of the medical or dental school application process. Universities also consider other factors such as academic qualifications, personal statements, and interviews.

In conclusion, a good UCAT score is subjective and can vary depending on the university and the competition for places. Being aware of the latest UCAT test statistics can provide valuable insights into average scores across different sections. However, it is essential to focus on achieving a score that meets the requirements of the specific universities you are applying to.

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