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Since 2006, Prep Zone AcademyTM has helped hundreds of medical aspirants excel in the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) & get into their desired UK medical programs.

We offer flexible course options, Individual, Group & Hybrid, allowing students to pick one that best fits their study style and schedule. Students can specify the content they would like to cover in our Individual or Hybrid Course whilst the Group Courses completes the entire UCAT syllabus through scheduled concept classes & tutorials.

Want to know which course is best for you? Call us at +65 6812 9999 and have a chat with our friendly consultants! We will suggest the best UCAT preparation arrangement for your current academic performance and schedule!

Prep Zone Academy's Measures Against COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prep Zone Academy has taken several precautionary measures to protect the well-being of our students and staff. Here in Prep Zone Academy, we strive to provide a safe environment for our students to learn, albeit the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our UCAT Group Course Membership gives you access to one year’s worth of UCAT group classes! Attend the UCAT course as many times as you need to ensure your readiness.


We have an amazing track record of students who have scored very well after taking our UCAT course. It is not uncommon for us to see our students scoring in the 90th percentile or higher and getting into their targeted medical school.


Our veteran UCAT trainers are all graduates from top universities around the world. We have successfully coached hundreds of UCAT candidates over the years.


For individual UCAT course, your calendar will be fully personalised to fit your academic performance and your requirements. Enjoy a customised UCAT course that works around your hectic schedule. You can even opt for Skype sessions.

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UCAT Unlimited Group Course

The Unlimited Group Course features

  • 8 Concept Classes + 5 Tutorials – Covers the entire UCAT syllabus
  • Complimentary UCAT Preparation & Medical School Admissions Consultation

Sign-up now for a free online group trial class to find out if our course suits you. 100% free, no commitment required!

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Upcoming Group Openings (May - August 2020)

May - August Weekend Group Course

  • May – June Group: May 23rd – June 14th
  • June – July Group: June 20th – July 12th
  • July – August Group: July 18th – August 9th

Prep Zone Academy’s UCAT Weekend Group Course is held on weekend mornings and afternoons at both our offices(*). To see our schedule, click here

(*) Lessons will be conducted online until further notice due the government’s restriction

Free trial session available! Contact Prep Zone Academy™ at (+65) 6812 9999 or start a chat with our staff!

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Summer Intensive Course

Prep Zone Academy’s Summer Intensive Course is now open for registration. Designed to help students ace the UCAT in 2-3 weeks, the course will cover the entire UCAT syllabus, with ample practice exercises, and full-length tests to strengthen your test-taking skill.

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Free trial session available! Contact Prep Zone Academy™ at (+65) 6812 9999 or start a chat with our staff!

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Free Webinar


UCAT, BMAT & Medical Schools Introductory Webinar

Date: Saturday, 20 June 2020
Time: 1:00PM – 3:00PM Singapore Time (GMT+8)

The UCAT, BMAT & Medical Schools Introductory Webinar is a free 2-hour webinar, designed to help new candidates to have a better understanding of the UCAT & BMAT – 2 standardised tests commonly required for medical programs in the UK.

In this webinar, we will cover the basic test format, expected question types, review official questions & answers from the test, and give you the best tips on how to prepare for the UCAT/BMAT. We will also be covering the application timeline & requirements for medical school admissions.

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Students planning to pursue medicine or dentistry in the UK at the undergraduate level are required to take either the UCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test) or the BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) as an admissions test. Although more schools use the UCAT for admissions, many candidates take both the tests in order to maximize their choice from a larger university pool (the tests cannot be substituted for each other).

Students are only allowed to take both exams once per admission cycle. The results from each exam are valid for only the admissions cycle in which the exam was taken, or for one or more than one year (for students applying as deferred entries).

Getting Started

UCAT Diagnostic Test

The UCAT takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Doing the diagnostic test gives you a good gauge of your current preparation level. It is a great way for you to familiarize yourself with the concepts, topics, question types, and timing of the UCAT.

Simply book a slot & take the test, no commitment required.

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UCAT Prep & Med School Consultation

Apart from helping you improve your UCAT scores, Prep Zone Academy™ also offers medical school admissions consulting services. For 13 years, we have helped prospective students apply to medical schools in destinations such as the UK, Ireland, Singapore, and Australia. The first hour of consultation is completely free of charge – simply register & chat with a knowledgeable admissions expert.

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UCAT Trial Class

Attend a 1-hour trial class on the subject of your choice : Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Situational Judgement, Abstract Reasoning or Quantitative Reasoning. This trial class gives you a chance to get taught by our UCAT experts & better gauge your readiness for the test.

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What Course Should I Take?

If you just want to start preparing for the UCAT, the Group Course is a good place to start. The course will give you all the preparation you need for the UCAT while allowing you to take as many sessions as you need for 1 year.

If you need to go through the UCAT syllabus as fast as possible, take the Group Crash Course. It’s the shortest course we have that extensively covers every topic in the UCAT. Call us at +65 6812 9999 to find out the next available Crash Course.

If your schedule requires a flexible class schedule, or if you need to tackle weak areas, the Individual Course and Hybrid Course are suitable options.

UCAT Group Course

Most Popular

Take as many classes as you need for 1 year. 8 Concept Classes, 5 Advanced Classes.

Individual UCAT Course

Most Flexible

Work with a dedicated trainer to craft your own UCAT prep course. Fully customizable and flexible based on your schedule.

Hybrid UCAT Course

Most Value

Unlnimited Group Course + individual sessions, depending on your need.

UCAT Schedule (*)

(*) Lessons will be conducted online until further notice due the government’s restriction

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